Our story


Someone once said: “if we don’t express ourselves, people think that we don’t exist. Because our islands are so small, we hardly see them on a map.”

At Tahiti Islands Travel, we have chosen to tell our story and share the legacy of our ancestors from our heart.

When you work with us, you become a storyteller too, and you help us shine more light on our islands.
We do not take anything for granted. We know that you have many options when it comes to selling programs to The Islands of Tahiti.

We thank you for choosing to create with us. As children of Paparaharaha, children of these sacred islands that we call home, mauru’uru, e mauru’uru roa!
A heartfelt thank you!



The legacy of our Tupuna – ancestors – is vast and goes beyond the understanding of the human mind.
They were scientists ahead of their time. They knew the earth was not flat and they were sailing on Te Moana Nui O Hiva – the Great Ocean – when the thinkers of the Western world were still debating on the shape of our planet.

Their observation of nature had brought them to its full understanding. They evolved to the rhythms of Paparaharaha – Mother Nature – and her cycles.
Their lifestyle and travels made them wisemen and philosophers.

Their wisdom has been transmitted down from generation to generation until today.
They were navigators, travelers of the earth, and sailors on Te Moana Nui O Hiva using the stars, the winds, the birds, the waves and the currents of the ocean…
They were storytellers.

Oral accounts on our origins, the origin of the gods, and the origin of all things were passed down over centuries. We were told the tales of the creation of the world with Ta’aroa -The Creator, and Rumia – the shell he emerged from, the accomplishments of the gods of the Tahitian pantheon, the journeys of our Tupuna and their love stories, the meaning of things that happened on earth, in heaven – above the earth, and in the water – below the earth.

Today, as an heir of this legacy, I feel it is my privilege to share this heritage with you and our mutual guests, and my duty to carry their journeys onwards.
Tahiti Islands Travel is the perfect vessel to accomplish this.
With a team of dedicated and passionate curators, we handcraft the perfect journey in The Islands of Tahiti.
Respecting the traditions of our ancestors’ legendary hospitality and, as the modern storytellers of our islands, we curate journeys to enhance the experience of the heritage left to us by our Tupuna.
We bring our home to our visitors’ heart through our most powerful ambassadors: Our People.
We let them tell you their story.

A journey to The Islands of Tahiti goes beyond what the eye can see.
It is about connecting with the land and the people. It is about experiencing the magic and the spirit of the islands. It is about opening one’s mind to what cannot be seen, but can be felt.

The Islands of Tahiti is a destination of senses.
Our promise at Tahiti Islands Travel is to awaken every traveler’s senses.
The beauty, sounds, perfumes, flavors, and warmth of our islands are the colors of the palette used to curate à-la-carte journeys.
We have hand picked a selection of products and experiences to spring dreams of the South Pacific to life.

Our mission is to perpetuate the legacy our Tupuna left us by being the Storytellers of our times because in our hearts, the journey has not ceased when they left… We carry it onwards!

‘ia ora na e maeva ! Welcome to our world!

Te Aroha ia Rahi
Merehani Parker