Oral accounts tell that…

“Once upon a time, there were tall peaks engaged in wars to be the most powerful. Matahenua, from Hiva Oa, was the strongest of them all, defeating peaks one after the other on the different islands. At the time, in Ua Pou, Poumaka was a baby peak and got spared.
When he reached adulthood, he decided he would confront Matahenua for all the harm he caused. Poumaka defeated Matahenua in Hiva Oa and came back to Ua Pou with his head as a sign of victory. Poumaka now stands tall and proud as one of the iconic Ua Pou’s spires.”
Locals say that you can hear Poumaka’s heart beating and if you get close enough, you will feel enthralled by his supreme strength and lifeforce.

In the legend of the creation of the Marquesas Islands, Ua Pou represents the entrance pillars of god Oatea’s house.

The energy that emanates from Ua Pou is fierce and powerful. And that is also what you will see in the locals’ eyes.
Ua Pou’s peaks spiraling and piercing through the sky are daunting. They often hold a few clouds and it is rare to see them completely clear. 

Ua Pou is home to the Flower Stone. With Brazil, it is the only other place in the world where this beautiful stone can be found. In Ua Pou, carvers have mastered the art of revealing its delicate beauty.

When we drop the weapons of the daily life and come close to Ua Pou’s heart, it gives us the courage to rise, strong and tall like its basaltic spires.