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Her feminine form resembles a pregnant woman lying on her back. Her name means the “woman’s womb”, in memory of the legacy of strong women in the lore of the island. Huahine was an island governed by a queen famous in history. 

For its inhabitants, Huahine is a symbol of women’s ancestral sacred power and wisdom. The women of Huahine carry this legacy with pride and will tell you that in the everyday life, they create, organize and maintain the safety and comfort of their families and communities.

Huahine is unpretentious, and its low-key character seduces travelers longing for authenticity. Many visitors from the Hawaiian Islands will say it reminds them of Hawai‘i many decades ago. And certainly, Huahine has kept an untamed charm. It even feels like time has stopped here…

In the quaint villages, cute fare – homes – are surrounded by colorful gardens. Ancestral V-shaped stone fish traps are still in use today and some of the largest sacred open-air temples still whisper stories of a bygone era. Lush and abundant with agriculture, Huahine holds in her bosom what is said to be the largest concentration of ancient marae, open-air stone platforms, according to archaeologists.

Split in two parts, Huahine Nui – big Huahine – and Huahine Iti – small Huahine – are connected by a bridge.

Off-the-beaten-paths, Huahine is commonly called the Garden Island or the Secret Island. There are many ways to appreciate this Eden. And whether on land or on the lagoon, the Secret Island awaits, ready to unveil her treasures.