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The Islands of Tahiti often conjure up images of luxurious overwater bungalows and lavish villas on the beach.
There are however some hidden gems that offer not only a complete change of scenery, but a complete change of pace and lifestyle.

Guesthouses are an invitation to discover a destination beyond the known and the travel books, to truly tap into the authenticity that lies beneath what is seen, heard, and widely promoted.
They tell stories that inspire and elevate, that take travelers out of their comfort zone into the uplifting spirit of being connected to something bigger, to the amazing web of Life and all the beauty it holds.

At Tahiti Islands Travel, we are storytellers and magic crafters. Through our guesthouses collection and their owners, their love for their beautiful island home and culture, and the environment that has sustained them for generations, it is their stories we are sharing.
Certainly, guesthouses are not for everyone… But for those who feel compelled to surrender, these experiences will reward them in unforgettable ways.