Tahiti Islands Travel


Tahiti Islands Travel is a Destination Management Company catering to Travel Advisors and Designers in search for inspiration and expert guidance in creating exceptional journeys to our part of the world.

Locally owned, Tahiti Islands Travel was born in 2015 from the desire to provide high end travel agencies with meticulously curated itineraries and programs to The Islands of Tahiti.

With impeccable service, its collection of accommodation options carefully tested and selected, and a network of strong local connections and handpicked experienced guides, Tahiti Islands Travel has become the luxury go-to Destination Management Company in Tahiti

Proud member of the exclusive Pure Life Experiences, and Serandipians networks, “Tailor-Made” is the company’s motto.

Our team of passionate and dedicated curators is here to assist you in designing the most memorable journeys in The Islands of Tahiti for our mutual distinguished guests.

Maeva, welcome to the Tahiti Islands Travel community!

The Islands of Tahiti is our home and we are honored to share our knowledge with you.
Together, let’s create magic and experiences that go beyond the travel guides.