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Tucked in charismatic, world-famous Teahupo’o, a short drive away from the famous surf break and a ninety-minute drive from the airport, Vanira Lodge is an abode overlooking abundant tropical greenery and stunning ocean views.

Entirely built with natural materials in the spirit of tree houses or Polynesian village life, each bungalow is unique and invites in nature’s bounty and the tropical air.

Wood, bamboo, river stones, corals, “fara” (pandanus) leaves, all come together to create fresh spaces allowing a natural flow while beautiful tifaifai – Tahitian quilt blankets – bring in a rainbow of vibrant colors.

At this quaint eco-lodge, pure water comes from a spring located higher in the mountains.

The on-site restaurant features tasty farm-to-table cuisine and as such, the menus are adapted to the market supply.

Facing West, guests will enjoy mesmerizing sunsets with the sounds of the Teahupo’o wave rumbling in the distance. And as the stars make their appearance in the unpolluted night sky, eyes and hearts will merge into the vastness of the celestial realms to embrace infinity.

We love:

  • The village-like bungalows with jacuzzi
  • The magical sunsets after a day exploring
  • The serene gardens