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After Rangiroa, Fakarava is the second largest atoll in The Islands of Tahiti. A Unesco Biosphere Reserve, she is a must for underwater lovers to discover her treasures.

Fakarava means beautiful or “making everything beautiful”. Needless to say, this Tuamotu gem is as spectacular above and below.

Between ocean and lagoon, Fakarava has one of the longest bike paths in The Islands of Tahiti. No traffic, just ocean breeze, “colorflowerful” roads, bright churches decorated with shells and corals, biking in Fakarava guarantees smooth and exhilirating rides.

On weekends, angelic voices and heart-grasping chants and songs waft from the churches, like an invitation to stop and bask in the chorus and rejoice in the beauty of life and creation.

Fakarava is pure, and she offers world-class diving. There are two major channels connecting the ocean and the interior, Garuae Pass, the largest lagoon pass in The Islands of Tahiti, and Tumakohua Pass, also known as the Southern Pass. The constant flow of water traveling in and out of the lagoon at each pass creates exceptionally crystal-clear water, home to an incredibly diverse fauna and some of the most vibrant coral heads that can be seen in The Islands of Tahiti.

No wonder why this well-preserved environment is protected by the Unesco Biosphere Reserve convention.

Fakarava’s blues will calm the senses and bring one to unity with the universe, like the sky and the ocean merging into one inseparable embrace.