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The Society Islands


« There was no light or darkness. I was alone. Nothing below and nothing above. Just floating through my liquid atmosphere. »

Ta’aroa had existed alone, not knowing companionship, acceptance, or rejection, light or dark. He existed in an egg, called Rūmia, floating through the vastness of space.

He was bored, alone in his shell. So, he cracked it with a shake of his body and slid out of its confines.

Outside, everything was dark and silent. He found himself alone in the nothingness.
From Rūmia split in two parts, one half lifting became “Up” and the other falling away became “Down.” Suddenly, there was a sense of perspective. The upper shell became the sky and the heavens. Tiny cracks in the upper shell let in specks of light we know as stars. The separation of the two halves ushered in air and wind. The lower half became the foundation below from which land masses, rocks, plants, and springs of water sprang…

…And so it begun.

Anyone who has visited The Islands of Tahiti will agree that the luxurious beauty of these islands draws one in, having been born as divine creation.

Tahiti, Mo’orea, Teti’aroa, Ra’iatea, Taha’a, Huahine, Bora Bora… These names echo picture-perfect paradise, romance and decadent escapes. With jagged peaks, pristine aqua lagoons, white sand beaches and ancient sacred sites made of stones, these islands offer all the ingredients for a spicy journey.

The most visited archipelago in The Islands of Tahiti, the Society Islands, are where most of the population and local economy are concentrated.

It was Captain James Cook who named this island group the Society Islands in 1769, in honor of the Royal Society of Britain that had sponsored his scientific exploration.

Expertly navigating our double-hulled canoe as our ancestors did before us, we invite you to join us on board. Let’s explore these enchanting islands together.