Inhale and say Aheeeeeeey!

There are about 77 atolls in the Tuamotu archipelago. Away from the largest and most visited ones, Ahe is a little jewel that visitors never really hear of.

There are no hotels or resorts in Ahe, and just a few cute locally owned bed and breakfast options. Ahe will not be for everyone. However for those who crave off-the-beaten-path, raw and rustic, Ahe will offer an experience out of time.

One of Ahe’s unique attractions is the primary forest. Indeed, before islets became coconut trees plantations for oil production, many were lush and abundant forests home to tall trees and lush foliage, jungles between ocean and lagoon.

Another kind of forest on Ahe is the fe’o, blocks of fossilized corals forming a distinctive landscape. Amongst crater-like natural pools refreshed by the lagoon and the ocean, it feels like walking through a giant maze leading to the reef and the atoll’s ocean side.

Ahe is adventure and softness at the same time. A legend tells that there was once, in the main village, a small pond where fairies lived. Maybe that is why when we visit Ahe, it seems that someone is holding our hand as we explore its many wonders…