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Ancient knowledge and wisdom tell us that before there were islands, there was only Havai’i or Havaiki, the vast field of creation, the origin of all things. From Te Papa Fenua, the container, the foundation, everything came into life and movement.

An Eden formed by forces and intelligences of the universe beyond human understanding, The Islands of Tahiti invite travelers to feel from the heart…by taking a hike through the wilderness of a valley, or up one of the countless peaks, across rivers and waterfalls that quench and nourish life … by tuning into the soundtrack of echoing stories embedded in stones expertly stacked to create sacred marae … by silently contemplating ancient trees and listening to the birds…

Nature creates, nature heals, nature replenishes.

Our Polynesian ancestors harnessed the various forms of energy of nature and became one with it in our homeland. This force was their guide and nurtured them. When we stop feeling this connection, and lose the sense of who we are and why we are here, Nature guides us back home within us.

As John Muir once said: “Keep close to Nature’s heart.”
Through our Nature immersion experiences, we invite travelers to feel and live through their senses.