Imagine secluded white sand beaches on this South-Pacific high island, caves that hold secrets from the past, impressive stalactites and stalagmites condensing the forces of nature, and patches of cultivated taro and greenery…
In this powerful setting, a sanctuary extends from the beach inland. With a name that means “source of water,” – Vaitumu – we immediately understand that “we have arrived at the source!” Welcome to Vaitumu Village, named after the land on which it was settled.

Like many stories, this one begins with “once upon a time…” and as it unfolds amidst peaks and valleys in a succession of new beginnings and beautiful endings,Vaitumu Village, welcomes adventurers on their quest to authenticity and truth.
Vaitumu Village is not just guesthouses… it is also a network of farms, where many of the items on the menu come from. On these remote islands, sustainability is not just a marketing concept… it is an essential way of life.
Guests can feast on creative local delicacies and breathtaking vistas as each day unfolds.

When the season arrives, guests can delight in the most fantastic show ever: the daily dance of the majestic mothers of the sea, humpback whales, and their calves gliding through the depths and frolicking on the surface with spectacular leaps.
Many travelers come to Rurutu to swim with the whales, but what they leave with in the end are unperishable moments of connection with this fascinating destination, its abundant the land and its people.

Evenings around the fire will provide opportunities to bask in the mana – energy – as hosts, Virginia and Jean-Claude, along with fellow travelers, share stories and experiences, while in the sky, bright stars remind those on earth of the eternal presence of the gods…
According to ancient wisdom, the stars are the eyes of the gods, watching down over their children in the physical world.

We love:

  • The setting and beautiful gardens
  • Contemplation from the beach in front of the guesthouse
  • Being with the owners and their passionate team