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Inspired by the generous nature and Tahitian women’s beauty rituals, wellness in The Islands of Tahiti is a journey through the essence of life.

In our lush islands, where water flows profusely through valleys making their way to the ocean, Paparaharaha – Mother Earth – constantly creates, purifies, soothes and nourishes.

The Hawaiian culture has lomilomi – massage and healing practices -, and the Tahitian culture has the taurumi massage tradition.
A healing modality, taurumi has been passed on from generation to generation by members of Polynesian families. Taurumi moulds the energy flow throughout the body to harmonize mind, body and soul. Taurumi was and still is considered sacred and deeply healing… although today, variations of this art are taught by massage practitioners and schools or offered at spas, and techniques are constantly evolving.

Offerings in wellness and holistic practices across the islands can be overwhelming… From spas found at resorts to our own insider’s network, our team of Tahiti islands Travel’s talented curators can assist you in crafting any dream journey for your guests.