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Feel the sound of the wooden mallet beating on the surface of tapa, our islands’ traditional cloth deriving from the grains of native trees and plants… Feel the vibrations of the drums and the haunting call of the vivo – nose flute – wafting in the air… Let the chants sink into the heart… In a breath, the cares of the outside world fade away.

The word mana – energy – is often used to describe the islands’ life force… But more than a description, mana is something we feel… or not… depending on how we choose to meet the land, the sea, the people, the culture.

In The Islands of Tahiti, music, dance, chants, songs and legends are how we pass on our fascinating heritage. For travelers seeking more than the beach and lagoon experience, our experts customize journeys to sacred sites, historical landmarks, traditional cultural displays, and events centered around Polynesian customs that celebrate our heritage, ancient and recent.

It is our wish that our culture and way of life inspire guests to see with new eyes, to open their hearts to all the wonders of our world, and to elevate their spirit.