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The bird’s-eye view of this emerald island is a heart shape. Her majestic spire-like peaks soar among deep lush, green valleys. With its iridescent carpeted landscape surrounded by clear, turquoise waters, locals agree that Mo’orea is Tahiti’s paradise.

Just an easy breezy 30-minute ferry ride or a 10-minute flight from Tahiti, Mo’orea lies quaint and charming, promise of an escape out of time.

She is Mo’orea, Tahiti’s sister island.

The heart of Mo’orea lies between two magnificent bays: ’Opunohu Bay and Cook’s Bay.
The interior of the island and its verdant peaks and valleys will transport one to a rich environment between sacred stones at marae (ancient open-air temples), rivers and waterfalls, stunning viewpoints, and wild forests.

Lagoon side, the dazzling waters are pure delight and from snorkeling to jet skiing, or scuba diving, days can be as active or lazy as wished.

Mo’orea’s rich soil gives birth to the most delicious pineapple in the world! If you have tried it, you know exactly what we mean. Nothing tastes like a Tahitian pineapple. Raw, in jams, body lotions, unctuous oils or liquors, locals can’t get enough of it. And after all, doesn’t this fruit resemble a juicy ball of sunshine?

The face of Mo’orea is the exquisitely feminine silhouette of Mou’a Puta – the Pierced Mountain – rising towards the sky, face up and thick hair extending to the bottom of the valley. Many will say that Mo’orea is a very feminine island… And she will indeed carry visitors away in a world of softness and serenity…

Mou’a Puta is also a passageway for spirits, and day and night, the Pierced Mountain keeps a watchful eye on all its inhabitants, making sure no one comes to disturb this peace and tranquility…

A poetic getaway, Mo’orea invites visitors and residents alike to slow down and take in the mana of the island.