When the time comes to escape the clatter and crowds of the city, with its artificial lights and distractions from nature, Ra‘imiti provides just the right remedy for the stresses of modernity and urbanity.

Away from it all on a small motu reached after an hour-and-a-half boat ride from Rotoava, Fakarava’s main village, Ra‘imiti is the perfect sanctuary for over-stimulated minds and bodies.  
Here, travelers will appreciate infinite space in a haven tucked between ocean and lagoon, and where bungalows are made of coconut wood and palms, with big windows allowing in the ocean breeze. 
Ra‘imiti is the fruit of a dream that came to life way before digital detox was even conceived.

Guests are welcomed as friends with traditional Polynesian hospitality, and days give way to walks by the reef or wading in the lagoon, swims amongst schools of tropical fish caressed by the wings of rays gliding along, and immersion in Pa‘umotu culture and hospitality.

Evenings open the gates to the lit skies and the cycles of the moon that define the Polynesian universe. And if we pause and listen, we can hear the drumbeats accompanying stories of the past murmured in the breeze and the rhythm of gently rustling water on the shores… head in the stars and toes in the sand.

More than a vacation, this is the opportunity for a life reset. Nothing can ever be the same after Ra‘imiti.

We love:

  • The location and feeling of being unplugged in the world
  • The underwater life is truly rich and amazing
  • The daily experiences that bring us closer to nature and allow presence