Fun Fact

My roots trace back to Taha’a on my father’s side and Hawaii on my mother’s side. But I think I must have to been to Hawaii more often than Taha’a!


My passion is ori tahiti, Tahitian dance. I spent five years at the Conservatoire Artistique de la Polynése française and participated in the Heiva festival several times. I had the priviledge to perform with winning dance troupes like Tahiti Ora, O Tahiti E, and Hei Tahiti. I also participated in the Hura Tapairu, another local contest that gives more freedom to create and that is not as strict as the Heiva can be.

Something unique about you

As a ‘ori tahiti passionate, I have participated in 7 Heiva competitions, held in July, and 4 Hura Tapairu, held in November. My last participation was the Heiva 2023, with the Ori I Tahiti dance group. We have won 8 prizes out of 12.

Favorite island

Well, without hesitation: Tahiti ! That’s where I grew up and to this day, I am still in awe at her beauty, the abundant nature, the majestic mountains, and untouched valleys. The sunsets are out of this world, the hikes are amazing. There are also some fantastic dining options.

Something you particularly cherish in The Island of Tahiti

I think women in our islands are quite remarkable. They are smart and engaged in the preservation of our culture and in local communities. Among them are great ladies such as Mamie Louise Kimitete, Esther Tefana, Emma Terangi, Madeleine Mou’a, just to name a few…