Fun Fact

When I was working as the tour agent for cruise ships, I was always the first one to disembark to make sure all excursions providers were ready for us… and I was always the last one back onboard as I had to make sure everyone had returned safely. And every evening, the Cruise Director was asking his teams: “Is Carole onboard?”… to make sure I was not left behind. I was so seasick all those years!


Travels… and trying all the Maitai cocktails all over the world!!!

Something unique about you

I lived in Montréal Quebec, Canada for a 4 years but I could not deal with the cold and came back to Tahiti. 

Favorite island

  • I have not even seen them all… But I love the Marquesas for the emotional impact they have on you. Although I am neither religious nor spiritual, I have to say that what happens within when you are there is just incredible! There are no words to explain it. This has to be experienced. These islands are fascinating and captivating! 
  • Another experience I was blessed to live was in Raiatea: Motu Nao Nao. It is another of our gem islands. My stay there was truly impressive. It was an outstanding experience, a beautiful human experience, a delightful culinary journey and so many other surprises. I only spent two days there, but I would highly recommend it. 

Something you particularly cherish in The Island of Tahiti

To me, nothing beats the way locals welcome you in the most remote islands here. Those islands get their supplies from freighters, and that is very much their only contact with the outside world. The whole population gathers at the pier. They are curious and want to know you. Above all, they do everything they can to please you and make you smile. They talk about their life, share their stories. Children give you little gifts like shells they have found on the beach or a drawing… It is simple but it is so beautiful, genuine and heartwarming.