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A beautiful sunny day on the magical white sand beach of Tetiaroa


Just 20 minutes’ flight from Tahiti, the atoll of Tetiaroa rises from the ocean, a commanding symbol of nature.

Society archipelago

A stunning crown of coral islands, Tetiaroa was once the favored playground of Tahitian royalty. During the filming of Mutiny on the Bounty, Marlon Brando fell under the spell of the islands and he bought the atoll.
The dozen motu, with their vast white-sand beaches, fringed by coconut palms, and fine-leaved ironwoods, are scattered around a closed ring of coral reef. On the remotest islets Frigate birds, Blue-footed boobies, and other seabirds can be found nesting under branches of Beach Gardenia, with their clusters of perfumed white flowers. Pink Whipray glide silently in the lagoon.
A large variety of activities are offered by the Brando Resort, to allow you to discover the atoll’s precious biodiversity.

seabird sanctuary

The fame of Tetiaroa is due, in a large part, to its seabirds: White-terns, Brown Boobies, Greater Frigatebirds and specifically the Great Crested-tern, as the island has the only known colony in the Society Islands, found on the motu Tahuna Iti (Bird Island).

  • A wild and preserved atoll
  • The closest atoll to Tahiti
  • Its’ rich biodiversity
  • The magical colors of the lagoon
  • A unique hotel resort, both luxurious and ecological