Te Pari private excursion

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Tahiti - Full day

Expedition & Discovery

A unique experience
  • Te Pari is assuredly the part of Tahiti that is the most authentic, unspoiled and beautiful.
  • Between the ocean, waterfalls, cliffs, coral reef flats, and white sandy beaches: a hike that is rich and unique!
  • A perfect setting for an exceptional day, exotic and original.

Do you seek adventure and originality? A hike of Te Pari is waiting for you!
The day begins with a boat trip that takes the hikers to the wildest and especially the most beautiful part of Tahiti, called Te Pari.
Accompanied by a professional guide who knows this hike, you will follow a small path along the coast of Te Pari where there is a succession of coral flats, white sandy beaches, cliffs and woods. The waterfalls and rivers offer opportunities for refreshing baths! If the weather permits, you will discover the Anahie Cave, the Queen’s Bath, the twin bays, the birthing stone, the Vaiutu Valley and its mini lavatube…
The meal is taken in this marvelous setting, and during the whale season, on the ocean side you will probably see the imperial jumps of these impressive humble giants.
A physically active day that is rich in a panorama of marvelous sights.

Key information
Meeting place: Pick-up in the hotels of Tahiti
Period: From May to September
Duration: Full day
Size of group: Up to 8 people maximum

Make a reservation 2 weeks in advance.
Minimum age: 12 years if in good physical condition; otherwise, 15 years.
Adults should be in good physical condition, not pregnant and not subject to vertigo.
Bring: bathing suit, towel, hat, sunscreen, rain gear and mosquito repellent. Provide another small bag with a change of clothes that will be left in the car

Are included
  • Bottles of water
  • Picnic
  • Sandals and back pack if needed
Our Opinion

Te Pari…This is the only place in Tahiti where you won’t find a road or house. We usually say that it is the last wild coast of Tahiti. And it is true! You can walk across it in 6 hours with your family or friends for a full day in the heart of a preserved natural paradise. Between the lagoon and the ocean, cliffs and beaches of white sand, between waterfalls and rivers, you will have the impression of being…at the end of the world.