Private tahitian dance lesson with Tahiti Ora

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Tahiti - 2 hours

Culture & Traditions / Polynesian Show

A unique experience
  • Take your first course of Tahitian dance: be daring!
  • You are welcomed to one of the most prestigious dance schools in Tahiti.
  • Discover this art that makes the reputation of the vahine of Tahiti and Her Islands.
  • You will dance to the tunes of Polynesian music of yesterday or today.
  • A lesson you can share with friends and your children!

Founder of Les Grands Ballet de Tahiti in 1988, author of the novel, « Like Two Ships Passing in the Night », Tumata Robinson is a key figure of Polynesian cultural life. Dedicated to Tahitian dance, she has a professional troupe, Tahiti Ora, and she also teaches ori Tahiti in her dance school in Paea.
In an air-conditioned classroom, you can discover the basics of Tahitian dancing by taking your first lesson of ori Tahiti with a professor of the Tahiti Ora dance troupe. This dance has become an art in itself, prized and taught everywhere in the world! Barefoot, with a pareo tied around your waist while being guided by a dance professor, you start with the basic movements by swinging your hips from right to left. Little by little, while listening to the rhythm of Polynesian music, you will begin to understand the dance movements as you perform a few steps. A real pleasure!

Key information
Meeting place: At Tumata Robinson’s house in Paea

All year except on Wednesday and Friday afternoons

Duration: About 1 hour and a half
Size of groupe: 4 people minimum

Make a reservation at least 3 weeks in advance.
Lessons also available for men.

Our Opinion

Tumata Robinson is one of those people one doesn’t forget. Present, attentive, serene, passionate and captivating, she has dedicated the major part of her life to Tahitian dance. Founder of the Grands Ballets troupe in 1988, then Tahiti Ora 5 years ago, she teaches ori Tahiti in her dance school in Paea. During this initiation to the Tahitian dance, you will enjoy a real Polynesian experience with a professor of the dance troupe Tahiti Ora, always impassioned by the ori Tahiti.