Private whale watching excursion in Tahiti Iti

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Tahiti - Half-day

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A unique experience
  • Admire the humpback whales in the wildest and most unspoiled part of Tahiti.
  • A most sensational animal ecotourism.
  • Follow the remarkable fern-covered cliffs of the uninhabited part of Tahiti.
  • Watching or swimming with whales will remain a unique experience of a lifetime.

The humpback whales visit French Polynesia each year between July and November. This destination has been classified as a marine sanctuary since 2002. In the warm waters of Polynesia these cetaceans find the calm tranquility that is necessary for them to reproduce and give birth.
The peninsula of Tahiti Iti is the wild, pristine side of the island of Tahiti. It offers the most amazing quality of whale observation. You are on board a 7.50m semi-rigid boat of human size that is equipped with a tau canopy. The approach is made with great respect for the mammals and regulations. It is possible to get into the water if conditions allow and if the whale is at rest.
According to the wind and swell, the boat will follow the west coast or the east coast of Tahiti Iti to Teahupoo with its legendary surfing waves.
The guides with you know the mammals; they are passionate about their work and will tell you about the mode of life and reproduction of the cetaceans.

Key information
Meeting place: Pk 58,100, Phaëton Bay in Taravao
Period: From July to December
Duration: 3-4 hours per outing
Group size: Maximum 16 people per outing
Private half or full day outings on request
Conditions: Reservations required.
Come with sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and bath towels.
Are included
  • Round-trip transfers from place of residence on Tahiti Iti to the dive center
  • Loan of diving equipment if needed (fins, mask, wetsuit)
  • Tea, coffee, water, biscuits
With supplement
  • Round-trip transfers from all the others hotels
  • Videos or photos on request and reservation
Our Opinion

It is in the setting of the most unspoiled part of Tahiti, at the foot of the Te Pari cliffs, in the wild southern peninsula, that you will go to observe the humpback whales. You are not on a boat for 50 people, but one of human size that allows you to very respectfully approach the cetaceans. Enjoy the idyllic setting of Tahiti Iti, and live every moment of this special time. Your boat will be the only one to approach the whales. Under these conditions, your encounter with these pacific mammals is more intimate. This is the way it should be…the whales deserve it!