Private whale watching in Moorea

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Moorea - Full day

Sport & Adventure / Underwater world

A unique experience
  • Take a swim with whales & baby whales in the most secluded part of Moorea.
  • Learn the way to watch and find whales.
  • Enjoy snorkeling in the crystal clear lagoon of Moorea.
  • Learn all about whales with marine biologists.
  • Watching or swimming with whales will remain a unique experience of a lifetime.

The humpback whales visit French Polynesia each year between July and November. This destination has been classified as a marine sanctuary since 2002. In the warm waters of Polynesia these cetaceans find the calm tranquility that is necessary for them to reproduce and give birth.
These hospitable waters have become a breeding ground and a place for the newborn whale calves to stay until they are weaned. Sometimes a series of melodious warblings can be heard and this is the whales’ love song.
You are on board a semi-rigid 24ft tender of human size that is equipped with a tau canopy. It is possible to get into the water if conditions allow and if the whale is at rest.
The guides with you know the mammals; they are passionate about their work and will tell you about the mode of life and reproduction of the cetaceans.


Key information
Meeting place: At your hotel / Villa in Moorea by private transfer
Period: Monday to sunday, from July to October
Duration: 6 to 7 hours
Group size: From 1 to 6 persons

Reservations required.
Come with sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and bath towels.

Are included
  • Non alcoholic refreshments, fresh fruits and sweets
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Life jackets
With supplement
  • Customized 360° video about 3 minutes
  • Photos of the day provided on USB key
  • Lunch at a restaurant
Our Opinion

This experience offers the utmost in privacy and discretion while also providing a truly exciting adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime.
This whale watching private tour involves a professionally trained guide who will have the skills to determine the whales’ activity phases (such as socializing, resting or moving).
The guide adopts a proper behaviour so that the animals are respected and not bothered. Whales watching is strictly regulated by law in Tahiti and Her Islands since the area has been designated as a sanctuary for marine mammals. 
One of the finest wildlife experiences on earth and a must for nature lovers and adventure snorkelers!

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