Cultural Experience in a Polynesian Home

Tahiti - Full day or half-day

Culture & Traditions

A Unique Experience
  • A unique experience in a Polynesian home
  • Leave with your own approved product made with local products
  • Discover traditional culture with Tetautiare, passionate about Polynesian heritage

Tetautiare is a lover of Monoi, Tamanu and the wealth of his Fenua, Polynesia. She welcomes you into her home to share with you her cultural knowledge, while making you discover her passion for cosmetics. Tetautiare is committed to devote the millennial Polynesian traditions and their years of experience to create natural products, innovative and respectful of Human and the environment. She will make you discover her laboratory of care and natural cosmetics handcrafted in Tahiti. The laboratory is a member of the Monoi Institute and the Inter-professional Monoi Group of Tahiti (GIMT). A mix of passion, traditional know-how and modernity: these are the secrets of its creator. A complete line of natural body and mind treatments, inspired by traditional Polynesian medicine and natural alternative medicine. Products dedicated to the whole family for its protection, its daily pleasure, to relax, treat and alleviated the lumbar, muscular pain, leg, neck, aches, in anti-aging treatment, to eliminate toxins and impurities, to moisturize and restore the body's pH, to prevent and relieve insect bites and small wounds, to nourish and regenerate hair, to maintain positive spirit and to have good health. A particular experience of the Polynesian culture.

The programs

1 - « Traditional Experience »

A la carte 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+10+11 with tasting of the raw fish

Duration: around 2 hours


2 - « The Traditional Tahiti Monoï »

A la carte 1+2+4+6+7+10+11

Duration: around 1hour to 1h30


3 - « Raau Tahiti - tradition and making of your own product »

A la carte 1+2+4+6+7+8+10+11

Duration: around 3 hours


4 - « Be a Polynesian »

A la carte 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11

Duration: around 4 hours (with the meal and learning of the Tahitian cuisine)


1- Welcome at Punaauia, sea side


2 - Explanation of the Polynesian house architecture of a Polynesian family
a. The materials used (pandanus, bamboo, coconut tree, etc.)

  1. The meaning of the carvings
  2. The different elements: main “fare”, “fare” Pote'e, “fare” monoi
  3. The art of living, family and legends.


3- Guided tour of the interior of the main house:

  1. The lounge - tiki, representations of life and joy of living
  2. The symbolism of materials, stairs and objects (turtle, fish, dolphin...)
  3. The mix between tradition and modernity


4 - Under the "fare pote'e": the discovery of materials with the legend of Hina and the coconut tree. You will be welcome with a drink.

  1. Building materials
  2. The importance of the coconut tree for Polynesians
  3. Deshelling the coconut
  4. Preparation of grated coconut and coconut milk


5   - Under the fare pote'e: preparation and tasting of raw fish

General presentation of the preparation of raw fish.

The different ingredients. The preparation. Tasting.


6 - Under the "fare pote'e": demonstration of the preparation of the traditional monoï:

  1. The virtues of this tree and coconut,
  2. The legend of MIHIA (tiare Tahiti) and the different Polynesian flowers, maceration in the sun
  3. Polynesian natural healing to stay healthy and heal


7 - Presentation of the manufacturing of RAU HOTU organic products Tahiti

Coconut oil, tamanu oil, Tiare Tahiti flowers, maceration and filtration for the designation of origin and the natural and organic certification.

Macerations with the pearl of Tahiti, flowers, plants, algae, sponges and mana.


8 - Raau Tahiti, Made by the customer of his care monoi / tamanu oil / virgin coconut oil / hair oil (About 1 hour)

From basic raw materials, flowers, vanilla, perfumes, Tahitian pearl, monoi, tamanu oil and coconut extra virgin, macerate plants and flowers, hair oil, Essential oils, the client will know secrets to create with the expertise of Rau Hotu Tahiti, his own care product and will give him a name. He will take his creation home.


9 - Then MEAL: (About 1 hour) (or inverted with the 8 following the time of arrival)

Explanation and learning of the preparation of a meal by the hosts and the client:

The different ingredients. The preparation. Raw fish / cooked with rice / fei / sweet potato / taro and dessert according to season (fruit, poe...).

Drink: Lemonade with honey from Tahitian and Marquesas / coconut water and alcoholic drinks.


10 - Exhibition and sale of products RAU HOTU Tahiti


11 – Pictures souvenirs                     

Photo poses with Rau Hotu Tahiti – Tetautiare and Teriitahi.

Photos allowed on the site.


12 – Our legends 

Key information
·         Pick-up and drop-off locations: Meet at Punaauia, sea side

·         Operating days: On Saturday. For the others days, it’s possible on request 15 days before

·         Pick up time: from 9:00 am

·         Drop off time: depends on the program chosen

·         Duration: is based on the selected program
Traditional Monoï of Tahiti: approximately 1h to 1h30
Raau Tahiti – tradition and creation of your own product: approximately 3 hours
Be a Polynesian: approximately 3 to 4 hours              

·         Minimum & Maximum guests: Traditional experience : Minimum 5 persons and maximum 25

Traditional Monoï of Tahiti: Minimum 6 persons and maximum 25        
Raau Tahiti – tradition and creation of your own product: Minimum 6 persons and maximum 25
Be a Polynesian: Minimum 2 persons et maximum 25              

 ·         Reservation policy: Must be reserved by email - Minimum 15 days in advance.
The service provider reserves the right to postpone or cancel the activity according to technical or
Meteorological constraints (in this case, no fee will be charged).
·         What to bring: An anti-repellent, sunscreen, a cap or hat, sunglasses, a water bottle, your camera.

·         Restrictions: there is no special infrastructure for PMR

·         Language spoken: French, English… For other languages, bring a translator (free for the accompanying translator).                              

·         Additional information: Accessible for people with reduced mobility and for pregnant women. Photos and videos are allowed.
Are included
  • Fresh water and homemade lemonade
  • Tasting of the raw fish
  • Monoï bottle made by yourself
  • “Lunch” if your chose the program « Be a Polynesian »
With supplement
  • The return transfers are not included
Our Opinion

Tetautiare and Nick welcome you to their house, a Polynesian house that has been imagine and think for over 10 years and build by themselves, composed of sculptures and engravings depicting the history of French Polynesia, each element represents a cultural meaning. It's a great way to immerse yourself in Polynesian culture and understand what the famous "Mana" is. This friendly couple will make you discover according to the program you have chosen: raw fish with coconut milk, they will teach you how to make a traditional monoï, and you will have the chance to make your own Monoï cosmetic. It is a unique and pleasant activity in a Polynesian house.