Bora Bora helicopter private tour

Bora Bora

Expedition & Discovery

A unique experience
  • Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific seen from the sky: what more could you dream?
  • Breathtaking aerial views of the most beautiful lagoon in the South Pacific…
  • An experience that is well worth the tour…to share as a couple or a family.
  • Tupai: an atoll to see!

A lagoon with the colors of precious jewels, reputed to be the most beautiful in the Pacific, viewed from the air on a private or shared tour: 100% fabulous! This is the guarantee of a helicopter tour that has no equal in the Polynesian islands…because Bora Bora is unique!
Encircled by a protective coral barrier and a marvelous lagoon, the island offers contrasts of exceptional colors in a majestic green landscape that is dominated by Otemanu Mountain. You will have the impression of living a dream…and yet it is a reality that you can give yourself with a helicopter flight over the Pearl of the Pacific that continues to the neighboring atoll of Tupai, famous for its heart-shaped form.
This is definitely a must-do helicopter tour for lovers, future or married!

Key information
Meeting place: At the helicopter base of Pago Pago or helipad of the hotel (landing and takeoff fees for some hotels)
Period: All year

10 minutes – The Pearl of Pacific
20 minutes – Shades of blue
30 minutes – The Heart of Tupai
30 minutes (+ 40 minutes) – Wedding in Tupai
Size of group: 4 people maximum per helicopter.
Transfer up to 6 passengers possible after TNH study of passenger weight and luggage’s.
Other possible destinations with stopovers (quote and feasibility on request)

On reservation, the sooner the better.
Pregnant women cannot be transported in the helicopter due to the potential risks from the vibration during the flight, except if a valid medical certificate is presented. The provider declines all responsibilities if a pregnant woman does not report her condition before boarding.
Children must be accompanied by two adults on board.


« Pacific Pearl »

10 minutes flight time

Overflight over Bora Bora lagoon

“Shades of blue”

20 minutes flight time

Full tour of Bora Bora island and flight over its lagoon

“The heart of Tupai”

30 minutes flight time

Tour of Bora Bora island, slow flight around Tupai, back to Bora Bora

Our Opinion

The Heart of Tupai in helicopter: this is definitely the most incredible and beautiful excursion that you can experience during your visit to Bora Bora. Do not miss this opportunity for a wider panoramic view of the most beautiful lagoon in the South Pacific. The pilot will take the perfect altitude to let you appreciate the island, its landscape, its range of blues, and its light… The flight continues toward the famous atoll of Tupai, remarkable for its heart-shaped form! If you want to do more, feel free to ask us for an itinerary made to order.