Accueil Collection CatamaransSUNREEF 70




  • Length: 21 m / 70 ft
  • Number of cabins: 4
  • Layout: 3 double and 1 twin
  • Total guests: 2 to 8

This is the unique blend of a sailing catamaran and private yacht features.
Built for optimized sailing capacities and comfort, this modern, elegant boat was born from the dream of an island lover. Designed and decorated with the highest care and attention to details, spaces are generous and cozy.

We love:

  • The sleek and sophisticated lines
  • The Master Suite and its king size bed
  • The comfortable, velvety feel of each suite onboard
  • The hydraulic platform at the back that allows to create additional space
  • The solar panels for sustainable energy
  • The 360° views from the main lounge
  • The scuba diving gear available onboard
  • The large wooden paddle boards and snorkeling equipment for lagoon
  • The environment-friendly bathrooms amenities and sunscreen
  • The commitment to supporting eco-conscious projects in Moorea where the catamaran is based